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Supporting Town Planning

Irish Water, Limerick County Council

Castletroy, Limerick

Following substantial residential and commercial growth in Castletroy, a suburb of Limerick City, Irish Water and Limerick County Council contracted the Precision Group to carry out an area drainage survey of the area.

A robust drainage catchment asset report was required to enable town planning, waste water treatment upgrades to meet European water quality requirements, and the future infrastructure management of this rapidly growing suburb.

The Precision Group located and condition surveyed over 60 kilometres of main sewerage pipeline and 2,500 manholes within the catchment area. The Group carried out a full detailed mapping of the public drainage system including a catchment rain and flow survey, an impermeable area survey, pump station surveys and pump tests on the main pumped flows in the catchment area to the treatment works.


Each individual asset was condition and location surveyed by the Precision Group’s highly qualified, experienced team, all of whom are trained in confined space asset surveying. Flow and rain fall data was captured using the latest flow monitoring and rain fall software and monitors. All pump station assets were tested, condition assessed and reported utilising the Precision Group’s unique software. Major pump stations in the area were also surveyed for their individual construction, electrical and mechanical detail, as well as being performance tested.

The Precision Group’s Click and Drag Digital Report technology allows simple data transfer from digital report package to network hydraulic modelling software. Detailed AutoCAD drawings outlining exact drainage catchment asset detail - including a detailed impermeable area drawing database – shows the disposal route of all rain, storm, foul, combined waters within Castletroy.

The Precision Group’s experienced engineers and state-of-the-art equipment allowed the team to complete a robust drainage area infrastructure survey delivered within budget and set time frames. Our continual investment in technology and employee development ensures the Precision Group is at the forefront of Utility Data Capture and can provide clients with easy to use report databases and click and drag network modelling packages. Our successful delivery of a robust manhole location and sewer condition survey has proved vital for on-going infrastructure management in Castletroy, North Limerick.

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